About Mark T. Golan

markThank you for your interest in Mark T. Golan Architect Ltd. Let me take this opportunity to describe our firm.

In 1972, I graduated from the University of Michigan—School of Architecture and Design. Through 1978, I was the chief Architect for the Illinois Housing Development Authority (a state agency responsible for financing multi-family housing).

From there, I opened my own practice. We specialize in residential design, including low-rise multi-family structures, single family homes, additions, and remodelings.

Our clients include homeowners, builders, and developers. First, we study your program, and evaluate how to best meet your lifestyle needs. It is in this early stage that the ultimate success of the project is determined. Later in the process, after developing the proper “forest”, we study the “trees, limbs, branches, twigs, and leaves”, so that every detail of your project is considered. Finally, after the subjective decisions have been made and depicted to your satisfaction, we complete the technical notes required for bids and permits.

Projects vary in complexity, location, availability of existing plans (for additions or remodelings), need for scale models, need for zoning variances, extent of interior design services involved, etc., and we are able to provide the appropriate range of services. Because a well-designed and clearly-depicted project simplifies the contractor’s job, our fees are often returned to you several times over in the form of lower construction costs.

Initially, we discuss the specifics of your project, alternative solutions, budget, timetable, etc. Together, we prepare a “wish list” of features that you desire for your home.

As the most important part of your physical environment, your home is a major factor in determining quality of life. Working together, we can develop that home to its fullest potential.